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    I'm a nice southern girl born and raised in southeastern Alabama. I moved to Maryland fall 2010 with the husband and our 19 month old son. Currently a SAHM until my dream job comes along, whatever that may be. I love to cook, write recipes, read, scrapbook, and clip coupons. I live such a wild life.
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I’m not a very good blogger

But, that fact was established long ago.

And in other news: I finally found a great job! It’s a great job that pays well, pertains to my interests and seem to not have any dysfunctional people working in their office. I start tomorrow.

It is bittersweet to return back to work. Part of me is very excited because I love what I do (Toxic Tort Litigation) and I love having Dillon in daycare (even though I still feel panicky about it) for the social interaction. Oh and the extra pocket change doesn’t hurt.

I will miss being a SAHM (don’t let anyone lie to you, it is the hardest job. Ever.). Dillon can be quite the cuddlebug and I will miss all my one on one time with him. But, he is closing in on 2 and it’s getting pretty dang difficult to keep up with him without going completely insane.

I hope that returning to work and forming a life of my own outside of these four walls will help me be a happier person.



A New Year. A new resolution.

I can’t believe how quickly 2010 came and went.

2010 brought big changes and firsts to our family: Dillon celebrated his first year of life, we celebrated our first wedding anniversary, I became a SAHM FT, and we moved to Maryland.  Oh, I really sucked at blogging.

I’m usually not one to makes big New Year’s Resolutions and I certainly never follow through. I hope to change that this year.  Aside from the given “lose weight and get healthy” resolution I always make, I want to try something new this year.

I want to commit a random act of kindness everyday.

It can be as tiny as genuinely complimenting a stranger or as big as volunteering somewhere for a day.

We live in a crazy world, we’re always so busy and so consumed with our own lives to think about what is going on around us – I am guilty of it, too.  When a stranger goes out of their way to do something kind, I am usually blindsided by the kindness. I want to start living my life that way. Do I have plans to become a saint and change the world? Of course not. Ideally, I would want my children to grow up in a perfect world with no crime, hate, poverty, or war but, it’s just not going to happen. However, I fully believe in karma. And, maybe..just maybe..if I help the elderly lady load groceries into her car, someone will do the same for me or my son one day or it could hopefully inspire a passerby to do the same.

So, I am making this my 365 project: One Small Act.

Hello 2011.

Would you like fries with that?

I’ve held quite an array of jobs in my short 7 years of working. I’ve been a barista, hostess, waitress, legal secretary, and a receptionist.

And, I am about to embark on a new experience…saleswoman.

Moving to Maryland has proven to be difficult, especially finding a decent job. After a short stint in a defense attorney’s office, I accepted a position with Aflac.

Y’all..I just don’t know.

I’ve never sold anything except cups of coffee and food in my life. Yes, I feel like I have the personality to sell insurance..maybe. I don’t know. This is going to be a new experience. I keep muttering I don’t know to myself and I do believe I am starting to lose it.

I can’t even go into all of the details but, from what I have read..starting out is very difficult and I know this is going to put a strain on Kyle and I. I just need to hope for success and the best outcome in this new endeavor. We’ll have to budget down to every penny until I start receiving commission checks (hello ramen noodles!) ugh – I feel like I am about to throw up.

All I want for Christmas is a day that I don’t have to worry about anything (but that isn’t how adulthood works, right?). I am tired of worrying about money, my lack of “professional” clothes, my weight and if I am forgetting stuff? You know that panicky feeling of omfgiamsupposedtodosomethingwhatwasit? Yea, I live with that everyday. Every minute of the day. Do they make a pill for that? Surely to God it ain’t normal. And, I am sure that diving into a commission based position ain’t gonna help matters. I just don’t know. I’ve applied for jobs out the ying yang up here. And, like driving here, finding a job is darn tough.

Driving is a nightmare for me. I dread even going to the mothereffing grocery store.

This has turned into more of an I hate Maryland and I want to go home post. OMG, when will it get easier?

Insurance saleswoman? Everyone loves a southern girl – right?

I am drained

I don’t know why I feel so rough after being here for nearly 2 weeks.

Oh wait – I do.

My car was towed, we’ve been sick, Dillon isn’t handling daycare well, I started a new job, and Kyle brought more stuff for the house from Indiana (not that I am complaining, the IL’s gave us GREAT stuff!)

I’ll share it all this weekend.

Moving On Up

Alot of things have changed since my last post over at The Autry Family on Blogger.

1 – We’re moving to the East Coast

2 – I’ve switched to wordpress

3 – I’m going back to work after being a SAHM for several months.

The East coast? I know..I had a WTF face, too. A week prior to our scheduled departure from Alabama to Indiana, Kyle’s company threw a wrench into our plans. They needed him to come to Ft. Meade to work. And, so the story goes.

We just got back a few days ago from house hunting, unfortunately..we are renting again but, the house we chose is gorgeous and it sits on the bay. We’ll be in a small town outside Baltimore in a private neighborhood of townhouses. Our new home features a finished basement (aka the man cave aka the computer room aka the scrapbook room) 3 bedroom and 3.5 baths. The front bay window has a view overlooking the..bay! Our deck also has a view of the water.

I’m really excited to get the eff out of where we live now and into this new home.

I’ve switched from blogger to wordpress! I’m moving up in the blogosphere. I don’t have a real reason, I guess. I just wanted to do it. I guess that’s reason enough, right?

Well, because we are moving to Maryland and our rent is TRIPLING, I’ve decided to go back to work. Y’all, it wouldn’t do for me to not work..shopping is serious business up there. I have a job interview scheduled for October 11th, I took the “skills” test yesterday (the job is temp to perm) and didn’t do well. I can’t believe how much you forget when you leave the workforce and interact with a toddler all day. I certainly hope they don’t hold that against me. Plus, the damned thing was timed and I don’t do well with those things at all.

So. Here I am. Here we are.  I hope you follow me on this new and crazy adventure.