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    I'm a nice southern girl born and raised in southeastern Alabama. I moved to Maryland fall 2010 with the husband and our 19 month old son. Currently a SAHM until my dream job comes along, whatever that may be. I love to cook, write recipes, read, scrapbook, and clip coupons. I live such a wild life.
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My heart is breaking today

If you know me from The Bump or in real life, you should know how much I love our family pet, Major. Kyle and I adopted Major 2 years ago, right before Christmas.  He’s a 2 year old German Shepard that has grown into a wonderful dog (he was hell on wheels as a pup).

We’ve been very blessed to have Major love Dillon so much. Major’s sleeping spot is right outside of Dillon’s door and he’s very protective of Dillon. As D has gotten older and more active, Major has become his favorite jungle gym.

It breaks my heart to have to tell you that we are having to rehome him. We were unable to find a house in Maryland that accepted a dog, let alone a “vicious” German Shepard.

I go back and forth between being angry and sad, it flat out sucks hardcore. I’m angry because we didn’t have enough time. I’m angry with insurance companies and breed restrictions. I understand that the GSD breed is an “agressive” breed but, I fully believe it’s the owner and not the dog.

And, let me say..I have met many asshole poodles in my life.

I grew up with GSDs and I wouldn’t expect any less for Dillon. Pets teach children responsibility and unconditional love.  Now, I’m growing weepy.

When you adopt a pet, you adopt him for life. Pets are not something you just throw away when you get tired of them. Pets become a part of your family and you couldn’t imagine a life without so much laughter without them.

I just know that there is going to be a very big hole in our hearts when we have to part ways with him. A hole that will be very hard to fill.