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    I'm a nice southern girl born and raised in southeastern Alabama. I moved to Maryland fall 2010 with the husband and our 19 month old son. Currently a SAHM until my dream job comes along, whatever that may be. I love to cook, write recipes, read, scrapbook, and clip coupons. I live such a wild life.
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Doing that workin’ woman thing

For the record, I actually think of myself as a Charlotte and not a Miranda. I just love the scene in SATC2 when it shows Miranda walking in downtown NYC back in the 80’s and then someone bumps into her and knocks down all her paperwork.

I returned to the workforce last Monday. Overall, it was a good first week. Dillon is transferring into daycare easier than I thought and getting up at 5:30am is slowly getting less painful.

I have a few posts coming up that will go into more detail because I have two very important things I need to say: Being a working mom makes me a better mom. Also, I am learning to be more grateful for what we have, I am learning to take a step back and look at just how lucky we are as a family.

I got word today that those in management like me and they would put together an offer to present me with in the next few weeks, which is great. Three months of parking at ten bucks a day is pretty expensive when you’re a temp.


Hope? Yes there is.

I have been on the job hunt for a couple of months now.

I have applied for dozens of jobs and finally got a call back yesterday. Next week, I have an interview scheduled with a law firm in downtown Baltimore. I’m excited for this position, I loved working in the legal field and I feel that it is what I do best, professionally speaking.

In the past, I have always “aced” job interviews. Almost every interview I have done, I have been offered the job. Until I met the chiropractor.

I found an ad for a clerical type position in a doctor’s office and was lucky enough to be interviewed. 3 times. The 2nd interview was a working interview, which I felt went well. The 3rd interview was a series of multiple choice tests, 2 of which were timed.  The first test was a 200 question personality type ordeal. Why they would want know if I would kill an animal to put it out of it’s misery, I don’t know.

I guess I gave ’em the wrong answer because all I ever got from them was a $15.00 check for the hour I worked. There was nothing with it. Just a check. No rhyme or reason for not hiring me. No explanation. Nothing.

So, I guess I am a little nervous this time. The law office is at the inner harbor and I absolutely love that area. I picture myself walking around in the summer time, during my lunch break, sipping on a java chip frap and watching the sea gulls fly by.  See, I told you I was a big loser.

Anyway – I am going to hope for the best.

Is there a song about Maryland?

It’s been roughly 3 months since moving to Maryland.  Here is what I have accomplished so far:

  • I can successfully use the metro in DC without panicking over which train to use
  • I am a much better driver on the interstate
  • I know my way around better than I would have ever expected
  • I don’t get panicky and sweaty while driving in downtown traffic

Doesn’t look like much but, I feel like I have come a long way in such a short amount of time. Thankfully, God blessed me with a pretty good internal GPS system and getting around is much easier. I am slowly handling the traffic better and have stopped hitting my steering wheel when I get cut off.

I have to say, I am more homesick than ever. And, all of this cold weather certainly doesn’t help. For my birthday, I received a plane ticket from Kyle to fly home for a week. Well, that week turned into 2 weeks. I didn’t realize how much I missed home until I got there. I missed the familiar faces of my family and the warm hugs of my girlfriends. I missed the southern charm of people and the certain twang that can only be found in country music..and sweet tea. I drank lots of sweet tea.

I think adjusting to life in Maryland would be easier if I had something for myself – a job, a social life, girlfriends…something. I feel like everything is falling apart and I just can’t get life back on track. I keep job hunting and nothing promising turns up and I just don’t understand.

I am trying to make mom friends, though. I’m actually hosting a play group at my house in a few weeks.

I try so hard to remain positive and look for the good in things. I usually find myself more disappointed than anything but, it’s something that I am really trying to work on as a person. At the end of the day, it doesn’t feel like it’s enough.

But, you know what?

When I am driving around in awful traffic and Lynard Skynard comes on, I smile and laugh at myself..somehow I know that one day, everything will be okay.

Greetings from Maryland, y’all.

Pardon the cell phone picture.

We’re here!

After what seemed like years, (actually about 17-18 hours) we finally arrived Saturday afternoon. We’re almost unpacked and settling into our new home. I am in love with our new house and simply can not wait to begin the REAL decorating.

Maryland is nice for what I have seen so far. I already know how to get to Target and back without my GPS =)

We are next to the bay so, there will be lots of sitting on the deck to be had. With a wine spritzer, of course.

I did have a job interview this morning. While I am looking forward to returning to work, the firm I interviewed with was not for me. I will have to continue searching for a job.

I do believe I am going to write a book for small town people moving to a big city. About interstate driving. See, I’ve never driven on an interstate except when traveling long distances. This whole exit lane only, left exit lane, 3 & 4 lanes thing is new to me and I about got run over this morning. I know the speed limit says 55 but, I thought I was right smack dab in Talladega.

I went to tour a daycare and was leaving. Their parking lot was big (and full) so I didn’t see the “exit”. The “entrance” was wide enough for two cars and their were no signs so, I went out the way I thought I was supposed to. Big mistake. This woman coming into the daycare flipped the frick out on me and was yelling…and gave me the bird. WTF?

Since I arrived so early for my interview, I went to Chik-fil-a for breakfast (my all time favorite). They did NOT have my chicken biscuit n gravy! I was given nasty chunks of “sausage” and watery mess these people think is gravy. But, their sweet tea was good. So, God bless you Chik-fil-a.

And, to top it all off I went to a liquor store Saturday afternoon. They don’t sell beer & wine in their grocery stores. I get in there, grab my items and stand in line. When I get to the cashier, they swipe my ID through a machine and it was DECLINED! My ID was delcined! Uhh – wtf? How does an ID get declined!? The gentleman behind the register said that “they had gotten into trouble” and had to swipe everyone’s ID. I still have no clue why my ID was declined, he couldn’t give me a reason. It’s not expired. They wouldn’t let me buy the beer so, I had to leave it at the counter and leave. Talk about freakin’ embarassing.

We still lack a proper internet connection so, it may be a few days before I am back. But, when I do return, I’ll have tons of pictures.