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    I'm a nice southern girl born and raised in southeastern Alabama. I moved to Maryland fall 2010 with the husband and our 19 month old son. Currently a SAHM until my dream job comes along, whatever that may be. I love to cook, write recipes, read, scrapbook, and clip coupons. I live such a wild life.
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A New Year. A new resolution.

I can’t believe how quickly 2010 came and went.

2010 brought big changes and firsts to our family: Dillon celebrated his first year of life, we celebrated our first wedding anniversary, I became a SAHM FT, and we moved to Maryland.  Oh, I really sucked at blogging.

I’m usually not one to makes big New Year’s Resolutions and I certainly never follow through. I hope to change that this year.  Aside from the given “lose weight and get healthy” resolution I always make, I want to try something new this year.

I want to commit a random act of kindness everyday.

It can be as tiny as genuinely complimenting a stranger or as big as volunteering somewhere for a day.

We live in a crazy world, we’re always so busy and so consumed with our own lives to think about what is going on around us – I am guilty of it, too.  When a stranger goes out of their way to do something kind, I am usually blindsided by the kindness. I want to start living my life that way. Do I have plans to become a saint and change the world? Of course not. Ideally, I would want my children to grow up in a perfect world with no crime, hate, poverty, or war but, it’s just not going to happen. However, I fully believe in karma. And, maybe..just maybe..if I help the elderly lady load groceries into her car, someone will do the same for me or my son one day or it could hopefully inspire a passerby to do the same.

So, I am making this my 365 project: One Small Act.

Hello 2011.


2 Responses

  1. Love it girl! I think I will try the same thing. A simple smile can make someone’s day. Let me know the things that you do and I will let you know how I do. Oh, and I’m cutting the baggage from my life that drains me.

  2. This was me this morning. One of the arms of our parking garage at work was broken, and there were two people waiting for the line to the other entry to go in so they could enter the garage. Instead of going before them, I let them cut in front of me. They had been there longer, after all. The looks of shock and gratitude on their faces was very concerning to me. Why are we so amazed when people do something nice for us? That makes me sad. So I want to be the type of person that blindsides people with a kind word or deed.

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